Lensfit Affiliate Program



Make money with the fastest growing eyewear store in the Middle East

Earn upto 15% in commissions on thousands of eyewear products


Join: Joining our affiliate program is free and easy. Just register using your Lensfit account and fill the application form on this link, https://forms.gle/CHGeDtyQwTB4bRqM8

Advertise: Advertise any of our eligible products on your website, blog, or social media accounts. With over 2 thousand products to choose from, you will never run out of new ideas to monetize your traffic.

Earn: Whether you are a large company or have a small social media presence, our industry high conversion rates allow you to maximize your earnings on your advertising.

Fees are paid out for any qualifying purchase that you generate.

Plus, your dedicated account manager will help tune your content and advertising strategies to maximize your revenue.


Affiliate Program FAQs

What is the Lensfit Affiliate Program?

The Lensfit Affiliate Program is an easy way for anyone with an online reach to get commissions off sales made from any traffic sent to Lensfit.ae

How does the Lensfit.ae Affiliate Program work?

  1. Register and submit your details via https://forms.gle/CHGeDtyQwTB4bRqM8
  2. Sign up on Lensfit and create an account or do a quick registration if you are new to the website.
  3. Once signed in, sign up for the affiliates program by submitting details via. https://forms.gle/CHGeDtyQwTB4bRqM8 and provide some basic information that we can use for our review process.
  4. Your account will be reviewed within 2 working days.
  5. After the approval an account manager will be dedicated to you and a link will be generated, which can be used for promoting on your website, blog or social media platforms.
  6. Any purchases made by a customer on Lensfit.ae after clicking on your unique link will be attributed to you and a percentage (up to 15%) of the order value will be commissioned to you.
  7. The attribution period will be for up to 14 days, so any purchases made in the 14-day window will be attributed to you.
  8. Any returns during the returns window of Lensfit.ae (14-days) after the products are delivered is also deductible on payouts.

Please email to hello@lensfit.com or call us on +971562693489, We'd love to get in touch, and look forward to partner with you.


Do I get referral fees for getting a new user?

On top of the referral fees, you will get a fixed fee of AED 15 for each new user signing up and purchasing through the website.


How do I get paid?

You can request for a payout after 30 days of receiving commissions on your account. If you are a high volume affiliate, we also support rolling 7 day payouts. Just email your dedicated account manager and a payout will be issued with a bank transfer. A minimum of AED 100 (or equivalent) is required for payout.


What is the commission structure for the Lensfit.ae Affiliate Program?

The following table illustrates the commission structure for each product category. All your commissions will be converted to your preferred payout currency.


Min Required Monthly Sales Value ( (in AED)

Percentage Commission

Tier 1 (Starters)



Tier 2



Tier 3



Tier 4



Tier 5